Individual Programming

Individual Programming

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Keeping in mind your specific needs – both from a price and technology point of view – we develop top-level solutions to support your business processes.

AX3000 Sound Module – Poroton Edition

EDV-Software-Service schall_small Individual Programming

Before the new DIN 4109 – sound insulation in buildings – building regulations were introduced in 2016, we at ESS developed a software for the German brick industry to securely verify sound protection in solid buildings.

AX3000 Energy Performance Certificate – Building Engineering Physics: Energy Desktop Module

In collaboration with the brick industry, the software producer ESS offers an innovative verification software for residential buildings that offers numerous online-based features for daily use.

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Bayernwerk – Online Tool

EDV-Software-Service bayernwerk_small Individual Programming

The Bayernwerk Energy-Saving Quick Check

MAAS Fassadenplanung

U load calculations from MAAS-Fassadenplanung

EDV-Software-Service maas Individual Programming