AX3000 –
Energy Performance Certificate EnEV


AX3000 Energy Performance Certificate EnEV
efficient, reliable, country-specific

The AX3000 energy performance certificate software is an integrated BIM solution and interacts seamlessly with the construction software modules. Transfer the geometry, including the components from the CAD environment, at the push of a button.

All current German and Austrian standards are stored in the software. Receive reliable country-specific calculations.

For energy consultants the AX3000 energy performance certificate offers extensive calculation possibilities and variant comparisons. For example, for the design of boilers, thermal solar and photovoltaic systems.

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Maximum efficiency thanks to CAD integration

  • As a plug-in with its own core fully integrated in ALLPLAN & BricsCAD
  • Geometry transfer directly from the CAD environment
  • Automatic component transfer in connection with IBD planning data

Easiest zoning solution on the market

  • Zoning in no time with the incredible AX3000 zoning manager
  • Rezoning within 10 seconds
  • As many zones as you need
  • Automatically generated graphical zoning plan

Maximum calculation security

  • Exact calculations even with different floor heights
  • U-value input, Glaser diagram, surfaces by room
  • Graphic analysis of components in CAD, testable surfaces
  • Average values for internal heat gains
  • Climate data of all spaces
  • Shading coefficients for heat gains by solar radiation
  • Building material catalogues for defining walls, windows and doors

Variant calculations and quick changes

  • Changes on site are dynamically taken into account for surfaces and volumes
  • Renovation variants calculated in a few minutes – including rezoning

Energy performance certificates for Germany and Austria

  • KFW and German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development-tested
  • Standards of Germany and Austria considered*
  • Country-specific electronic data transmission

Wide range of analyses

  • Proof for structural analyses
  • Mass determination with detailed results
  • Visualisation of energy gains and losses
  • Calculation of photovoltaic systems and thermal solar systems
  • Profitability calculation
  • Renovation comparison
  • Output for DENA
AX3000 energy performance certificate

Exemplary energy performance certificate according to OIB RL6 2019

AX3000 energy performance certificate

Zone visualisation – transparent and clear – even as output

AX3000 energy performance certificate

State analyses – variant comparison – energy comparison

AX3000 energy performance certificate

Create energy performance certificates directly in your CAD

*German energy performance certificate in accordance with the German Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2016

  • DIBT – output
  • KFW – XML-transfer
  • DIN EN ISO 13788 – Hygrothermal performance of building components and building
  • DIN EN ISO 6946 – Thermal resistance and thermal transmittance
  • DIN EN ISO 13790 – Energy performance of buildings – Calculation of energy use for space heating and cooling
  • DIN V 4108-6 – Calculation of annual heat and energy use
  • DIN 4701-10 – Energy efficiency of heating and ventilation systems in buildings
  • DIN V 18599-1 up to 11 – Identification of annual primary energy demand
  • EEWärme G – German Act on the Promotion of Renewable Energies in the Heat Sector
  • DIN 4109 and DIN EN 12354-1 – Sound insulation in buildings

Energy performance certificate Austria in accordance with OIB RL6 2019

OIB Guideline 6 – Energy saving and heat insulation

  • Baubook –  Building components database
  • ÖNORM B8110-5 – Thermal insulation in building construction – Model of climate and user profiles
  • ÖNORM B8110-6 – Thermal insulation in building construction – Heating demand and cooling demand
  • ÖNORM H5056 – Energy use for heating systems
  • ÖNORM H5057 – Energy use for ventilation systems of residential and non-residential buildings
  • ÖNORM H5058 – Energy use for cooling systems
  • ÖNORM H5059 – Energy use for lighting