Heating systems are adjusted on the construction site

Design even complex systems effortlessly with our heating module. The planning is based on piping network calculations which AX3000 completes automatically using pre-defined parameters.


Distributor/system construction

  • 3D pipe construction
  • Calculate distributor diameters and positions nozzles with different dimensions
  • Automatically access flange tables
  • Pre-defined and client-specific construction groups


Calculates heat demand and comfortable warmth

  • Heating load according to EN 12831 and the Austrian standard ÖNORM 7500
  • Comfortable warmth according to VDI 6030 – automatic radiator positioning and designing according to EN 442
  • Radiators according to VDI 3805


Heating module

  • Two-pipe and Tichelmann systems
  • Surface heating in accordance with EN 1264 and EN 15377
  • Easyline and construction
  • Automatic radiator connection
  • Automatic list of valve settings
  • Define other media – density, viscosity and heating capacity
  • Label diagrams (automatically or manually)
  • Pipe diagrams in 2D or 3D
  • Conduct extensive analyses