Building Simulation


AX3000 Building Simulation
Precise energy calculations under realistic conditions

This module is the ideal tool for dynamic thermal building simulations. The zone and system definitions are automatically transferred from the energy performance certificate. Enter internal and external influencing factors and have the heating and cooling load calculated automatically.

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Influencing factors are comprehensively taken into account

  • Considers internal loads
  • Considers building orientation
  • Considers complete annual climate data
  • Considers partial cooling and partial loads

Precise definition of all important parameters

  • Free wall definition for homogeneous and inhomogeneous walls according to EN ISO 6946
  • Defines windows and doors according to EN ISO 10077
  • Dynamic room height change
  • Freely definable profiles for occupancy, heating and cooling times

Flexible and dynamic calculations

  • Dynamic calculation of cooling and heating loads
  • Calculation of room and zone temperatures over the course of the year or over the course of a day and for any day of the year
  • Calculation and comparison of freely definable independent variants
  • Graphical visualisations
AX3000 building simulation

Annual temperature curve (min-max) for external and room temperatures

AX3000 building simulation

Maximum room temperature without air conditioning over the course of a year

AX3000 building simulation

Temperature curve – day

AX3000 building simulation

Heating and cooling loads over the course of a year with details by day