AX3000 – Sanitation


AX3000 – Sanitation
One-stop-shop planning solution for sanitation systems

With the AX3000 sanitation module you save valuable time in sanitary planning. The software matches the other construction software modules perfectly and takes a lot of work off your hands thanks to cleverly designed automatic features.

The tried-and-tested Easyline single-line dimensioning combined with smart drawing elements allow you to plan quickly and effortlessly.

The module’s workflow has matured over the years, saving you loads of time and unnecessary mistakes. All important standards have been incorporated into the module, automatically correcting your designs.

The software automatically generates Excel lists which are necessary to implement your designs.

You can also have your room book log comfortably created by the software.

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Convenient drawing and visualisation features

  • Easyline single-line design
  • Smart drawing elements (2D/3D pipe design)
  • 3D sanitary objects (extendable catalogue)
  • Automatic or manual labelling

Tried-and-tested workflow to save time and avoid mistakes

  • Simultaneously design hot and cold water systems
  • Automatically connects sanitary objects
  • Automatically designs waste water systems according to EN 12056/DIN 1986-100
  • Drinking water calculation according to DIN 1988-300:2012-05
  • Drinking water with circulation according to DVGW
  • Defines free load points
  • Dimensions housing units or nodes

Automatic room book log for heating and sanitation systems

  • Recorded room number and room name
  • Table selection for room names
  • Automatically increasing room number
  • 3D room height variations
AX3000 sanitation

Isometric drawing – waste water

AX3000 sanitation

Installation detail – waste water

AX3000 sanitation

Isometric drawing – drinking water hot/cold

AX3000 sanitation

Drinking water plan – cold/hot