Virtual Reality


AX3000 Virtual Reality: stunning 3D tours and changes in real time

With AX3000 Virtual Reality and standard VR glasses you can tour your building virtually. Three-dimensional, in colour and with high resolution: view every detail as if the building had already been constructed. Inside and outside. Including all customised interiors, installations and systems.

Easy to use in the CAD program itself

AX3000 VR is a plug-in for common CAD programs (Allplan, BricsCAD) and integrates seamlessly into your usual workflow. The only part of AX3000 VR you see is a new button in your CAD program. You can load your current planning status into the VR environment at any time with just one click.

Put on standard VR glasses (e.g. Oculus Rift, VIVE VR, etc.), plug in a suitable game controller and view your design in 3D. Move freely in your building and look in every direction.

The program takes all the details of your plan into account: room dimensions, installations, materials, colours – you can even furnish it to check whether the room layout is correct.

Switch on lights and check the lighting according to Dialux system calculations.

Set the season, time of day and weather to analyse the lighting conditions. As a single image or in fast motion. This allows you to perfectly match lighting, colours, materials and windows.

Increase customer satisfaction and improve cooperation

Take your customers on a virtual 3D tour to demonstrate the building construction at an early stage. Let your customers view different materials, demonstrate textures in high-resolution and, if required, show the planned heating, ventilation and sanitation systems.

Give your customers an impression of how large the rooms appear and let them check for themselves whether their furniture and fixtures fit in the intended places.

With AX3000 Virtual Reality you can give very precise answers to your customers’ questions. Your advantage: your customers gain a realistic and detailed impression of the building and can express change requests more competently. You can change many things in real time during the VR visualisation, and your customers can make decisions immediately.

This saves you unnecessary subsequent corrections that arise from imprecisely expressed – or inaccurately recorded – customer requirements.

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  • Directly integrated in your CAD program, with a separate core
  • Visualises architectural features, heating systems and heating plans, ventilation systems, sanitation systems
  • Intuitive operation with a gamepad
  • Realistic simulation in colour and 3D, with high-resolution textures
  • Scales objects and shows dimensions
  • Real-time environment as desired: suburb, big city, mountains, empty area, etc.
  • Real-time simulation of solar radiation during the day, month, season, weather. The duration of the day can be adjusted.
  • High-resolution screenshots (3D rendering printouts)
AX3000 virtual reality

External view – house/Villa

AX3000 virtual reality

Internal view detail – dark, high-gloss polished dark marble

AX3000 virtual reality

External view – hotel

AX3000 virtual reality

External view – workshop