BIM approved

Fit for BIM with AX3000

Planning, executing and managing buildings perfectly

Today, every modern planner relies on BIM (Building Information Modelling). But BIM is much more than a digital ‘collection’ of plans and 3D models of a construction project. The core of the BIM method is an almost standardised workflow system to which all planners involved in the project are committed. Work is carried out in one and the same 3D building model – data storage is also centralised. As a result, individual project steps can be integrated much better, project members can coordinate their work much more easily and the time savings are enormous. BIM enables both amateurs and professionals to gain intuitive access to the construction project – both in its entirety and in detail.

All AX3000 modules are BIM approved!

We know how important optimised working – and above all saving time – is for you as a modern planner! That’s why we make sure that all AX3000 products allow you to participate in BIM projects without any problems.